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About us !

This is our job, every day you know in advance where you stand in real time. The journey is part of reaching your destination. Everyone has their own destination in life. We will always be close to the customer and happy to get there.

A taxi team always listening

We are one dynamic taxi and shuttle company based in Brussels-Capital. With our taxi drivers, we form a close and professional team that puts the accents and customer safety first.

We only work with experienced and professional taxi drivers. After recruitment, we train our drivers further, so that we can always provide correct, fluid and friendly service.

Prestige Driver, your trusted taxi 🙂

About our transport companies

Zaventem airport transfer

Prestige driver, an established privately owned car rental company that is dedicated to providing cost effective transportation with maximum customer satisfaction. Our modern fleet of cars combined with professional drivers is a one stop station for all your transportation needs. We do everything from local tours, trips to the airport, to all major stations, and we can even help you with courier services and other transportation.

Our goal is to get you from point A to point B as quickly and comfortably as possible. In addition, we do this at an already fixed and unbeatable price ! After many years of experience and satisfied customers. We're a company well-known enough to give you a personal touch and unmatched customer service, while providing services that go beyond the well-known brands of private rentals with drivers on hand.

Prestige DRIVER may not be the best in Europe, but we certainly have the best drivers to keep you as happy as possible.

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