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Prestige DRIVER, offers you the best airport taxi transfer options in Tournai to Brussels Zaventem airport (BRU) and all other destinations and surroundings of the city of Tournai. Our main goal is to establish a relationship of trust with our loyal traveling customers. So you can always count on our experienced drivers in terms of punctuality and quality of our means of economic and business transport.

Our door-to-door transport services are among the cheapest in Belgium. Our prices are fixed no bad surprises! You will know in advance the price of the trip even before your departure, unlike a traditional taxi with a meter on board! Whether you need a taxi service for business or a collective shuttle for long distances.

Our private drivers will always be on site before your arrival or departure time. Drivers are familiar with the shortest and least congested routes around Tournai in order to arrive safely to the airport or the place of your choice. Easily calculate and view the amount of your itineraries online.

Book a taxi or airport shuttle driver for a transfer from / to Brussels airport.

To guarantee a quality service, please note that all reservations must be made at least 06 hours in advance!
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Airport transfer to Tournai Brussels

The advantages of our taxis & shuttles to airports

Getting to and back from your destination safely and on time is our top priority! This is why our drivers are assessed, licensed and insured. Our team of drivers and customer service representatives work together to make every ride a safe and comfortable ride. At Prestige DRIVER, reliability and safety are part of our daily priorities.

Shuttle & taxi service in Tournai for tourist places

Shuttle services to make your stay pleasant whether you are a couple or a family. Regarding tourist circuits, we transport from airports several passengers each day by taxi and shuttle to the city of Tournai in order to visit your favorite places.

Prestige drivers DRIVER will guide you by taxi from Zaventem airport or Charleroi airport to any tourist spot around Tournai: Notre-Dame Cathedral of Tournai, Belfry of Tournai (UNESCO monument), Tournai Fine Arts Museum, Jungle City - Amusement Park, TAMAT / Tapestry Museum, Bridge of Holes, Ecopark Adventures Tournai, Monument To French Soldiers, Museum of Folklore and Imaginations and many others…

Public transport of people everywhere in Belgium from the center of Europe to: France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, etc. With Prestige DRIVER, you will travel in comfort over long distances to all destinations from Brussels Zaventem airport to all international airports.

Tournai shuttle

Our advantages are numerous in choosing a private driver for any door-to-door airport transport:

  • No additional baggage fees.
  • Fixed rates night and day.
  • No extra charges or hidden fees.
  • No taximeter in our vehicles.
  • No meter on board
  • Fixed and economical prices.
  • Flexible hours
  • Available 24 hours a day - 24 days a week as well as on public holidays.

Taxi & shuttle reservation in Tournai from / to Zaventem

For your convenience, we have a taxi calculator advanced which will help you calculate the route to be covered. Book easily online a shuttle, a taxi to Tournai and you will know exactly how much the ride will cost you. Thanks to our online reservation centerYou will get a fixed price known during the steps to follow.

You can book a taxi to the airport, a shuttle, a bus or vehicles adapted for transporting people with reduced mobility accessible by wheelchair. Our hours are flexible 24/24 and 7/7. You will receive a licensed driver who will pick you up with a name sign even on a public holiday day and night and will help you with your luggage. If there are more of you, take an airport shuttle from Brussels to / from the city of Tournai will be even more affordable in order to share the costs.

Airport taxis and private shuttles are the most convenient and fastest way to travel from Brussels airport towards the city of Tournai. In order to pick you up at the terminal gate ahead of time, professional drivers stay informed of any changes using airline schedules, traffic jams and other variables that would prevent you from reaching your destination on time. They are placed in different places to receive you from any airport terminal.

Brussels Tournai airport transport

How does it work during & after a reservation?

Shuttle reservation for Tournai


Online Booking

On our booking module, simply fill in thepickup address + destination, Number of passengers date and time, options vehicles, car seat, flight number, etc.

Taxi rates for Tournai


Display of rates

Pricing is displayed before any confirmation, no need to register. You are free to continue the reservation or not. All our prices displayed are all-inclusive fixed and at no extra cost!

Taxi driver in Tournai


Details & confirmation

After your reservation, you will receive a confirmation email with all the details for your order: name of the driver, vehicle, etc. The driver will be on site before your arrival.

Airport driver in Tournai

Our private & qualified drivers to serve you 24/7

Our transport company only recruit taxi drivers with many years of driving experience who know perfectly all the routes in Belgium. Our taxi and shuttle company also ensures that all of our drivers have a proven track record in safe driving.

In our quest for safety first, we make sure all of our staff go through a background check. It is important that you have a pleasant experience when traveling with Prestige DRIVER. We pass this information on to the drivers every day when they come to the taxi ranks in Tournai for training.

Your safety is our top priority, so you can trust us 100% to get you to your destination on time. However, in a very small minority of cases, errors can be made during the journey. If you feel that you have not been treated properly by one of our drivers, please report it to our Contact form

Do you know the history of the city of Tournai?

The city, founded over 2 years ago, has often changed its dominant culture: Gallo-Roman, Frankish (royal city under the reign of Childeric I and Clovis I, and therefore the first capital of the Frankish kingdom) . Tournai is already an important city in Roman times.

In the 850rd century, Saint Piat evangelized the city which passed in the XNUMXth century under the domination of the Francs Saliens. Around XNUMX, it was integrated into the county of Flanders, which would become the vassal country of the King of France.

From 1187, following the struggles of the Tournaisians, the city acquired a certain independence vis-à-vis the rest of the county by depending directly on the crown of France (while its country, Tournaisis, remained Flemish until its annexation by Philip the Fair).

Tournai will resist two annexation attempts by the soldiers of the Count of Flanders in 1197 and 1213.

In 1316, the company of Tournai knows a serious food crisis, due to the bad weather having touched a part of Western Europe in 1314/1315, as well as an intense famine.

Gilles le Muisit, abbot of Saint-Martin-de-Tournai, describes the consequences of these bad weather on Tournai, in his work Chronique et annales. Free commune and small republic in the manner of Italian cities, it remained French until 1521 (except for a brief English occupation under Henry VIII in 1513).

In 1521, the siege of the city made it pass into the hands of Charles Quint and Tournai thus joined the Spanish Netherlands. In the XNUMXth century, Tournai, nicknamed the Geneva of the North, was the center of the protest against the Spanish regime in the Walloon provinces of the Netherlands. It is also the seat of a university. The city, where Protestants are in the majority, ratifies the Union of Utrecht.

It was reconquered by the Spaniards in 1581, after heroic resistance under the leadership of Christine de Lalaing. The subsequent repression causes the exile of a large part of the population.

Louis XIV conquered it in 1668, but had to return it to the southern Netherlands which passed, at that time (1713), from the Habsburgs of Spain to the Habsburgs of Austria. From that date, the city will experience the same fate as the whole of the Austrian Netherlands. However, under the terms of the Treaty of the Barrier, the United Provinces obtained the right to establish strongholds in several towns in the Austrian Netherlands, including Tournai.

Under the protection of the Dutch garrison, a Walloon church is established, which welcomes during Christian holidays the French Protestant diaspora from French Hainaut and Picardy whose worship is prohibited in France following the revocation of the Edict of Nantes . This system will last until 1785.

source: City of Tournai

Itinerary of your trip to Brussels National airport

Collection address destination of the terminal Brussels Zaventem Airport (BRU)
  • City of Tournai - Province of Hainaut
  • From / to Brussels Zaventem airport
  • Postal Code: 7500
  • City: Tournai
  • Country: Belgium
  • Distance: 107km
  • Latitude: 50.60566
  • Longitude: 3.387826
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Taxi fare in Tournai from / to Zaventem airport (BRU)

139 €

Cheap taxi Brussels airport

Economical taxi from / to Tournai

Eco taxi transport from Tournai to the airport to Brussels or vice versa

170 €

Cheap Taxi Tournai

Taxi business transport in Tournai

Business taxi transport from Tournai to the airport to Zaventem or vice versa

160 €

Cheap shuttle to Tournai

Shuttle transfer to Tournai

Shuttle transport from Tournai to the airport to Brussels National or vice versa

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions ...

Prestige driver faq

To book a taxi or shuttle in advance (minimum 6 hours before), it couldn't be easier. You have the possibility of:

To get an idea of ​​the cost of the ride. You just have to use our online calculator. In a few minutes, you will know exactly how much your trip will cost before even validating the payment. Our prices remain fixed, no bad surprises either before or after the race!

You have two options for paying your reservations:

  1. Online payment during the booking process via our online order form. You pay securely in the final step by debit bank card with Stripe: Visa, MasterCard, Bancontact, etc.
  2. Also, you have the option of paying cash to be paid to the driver at the end of your trip.

Of course, if you place an order through our site, you will instantly receive a confirmation of your reservation by e-mail. If you have made a reservation by phone or Wathsapp, you will also receive a confirmation by email or sms.

Yes of course, but only 24 hours in advance! The e-mail you received earlier when making your reservation mentions a link to access your portal as well as your client ID and password. All you have to do is log in to cancel your reservation.

Taxi reservation in Tournai

Taxi transfer services to other cities in BE

Perfect and fast transfer from Tournai to Charleroi airport. A sociable and very friendly private taxi driver. Thank you +++

Top service from Tournai to Zaventem airport.
Punctual driver and clean vehicle. Definitely recommend.

We request a transfer from Brussels airport to Tournai, the driver was already present in advance, helpful and very friendly.

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