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Discover all the advantages and advice that you can benefit from by booking our taxis or airport shuttles throughout Belgium and our neighboring countries.

10 scams during the holidays

Top ten scams during the holidays!

Got your bags packed and ready to go? Traveling is a way to recharge your batteries and especially rest, but you can also get off on the wrong foot by falling victim to these travel scams. Hope this will never happen to you. But it is better ...

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Airport hotel

Airport Hotel - Advantages & Disadvantages

You will often find hotels near the airport you are traveling to. This is for convenience for businessmen and for those who only stay one night. It's also great for flight crews and airport hotels offer plenty of rewards, even for travelers…

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Airport transport shuttle

How to choose the best airport transfer service

Most companies prefer a limousine or city car service for their employees. Long before, it was expensive to travel by limousine or city car for airport service. Most airport transfer companies have their own means of transport, but have to wait a long time ...

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Private driver in Brussels

Private driver advantages compared to a traditional taxi

If you are traveling, you might be interested in using a private chauffeur service if you are a tourist or attending special seminars or meetings. You can even stay a long time in Belgium and hire a professional driver to take care of you and ...

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Airport taxi

Six Reasons to Choose an Airport Taxi

When considering travel options in a tourist location, airport transfer and taxi services are the two most important options that come to mind. Recently, the first option has gained popularity. A shuttle service is a mode of transportation that transports passengers to…

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