Top 10 scams during the holidays!

Got your bags packed and ready to go? Traveling is a way to recharge your batteries and especially rest, but you can also get off on the wrong foot by being a victim of these travel scams. Hope this will never happen to you. But it is better to be prepared not to be watched.

Beware of people who try to drive travel scams Always be aware and have a safe trip!

Advice for safe travel

1. Finding a hotel

As you leave the airport, you will likely be greeted by several people who promise all good deals if you are staying at their hotel or apartment. You choose one of them and find when you arrive that their offer is really not worth it. You are therefore faced with a waste of time and money. A good tip, book your hotel in advance from hotel comparators in order to evaluate and find the best.

2. Getting to your hotel

You have just arrived and left the airport to reach your home or hotel. A driver approaches you and tells you that he can take you to your hotel without making you wait. Make sure you have an official or private taxi driver driven by you as needed.

Also, focus on book your driver in advance. Check prices in advance so that you have no bad surprises on the spot and during your race.

3. An irresistible offer from your room

An unknown person slips a menu under your living room door! You call the number displayed on the card and place an order. You will notice that the food never arrives and they keep all of your credit card information.

If you want to book, check with the hotel for recommendations before calling an unknown number from a leaflet slipped under your door.

4. The bad awakening

You've been traveling all day and just want to rest before you start your day. The phone rings, you answer it to find the receptionist on the other end and ask to verify your credit card information. You tell the receptionist that they have the wrong number and you give them the right information. Problem? You just gave someone pretending to be a receptionist your credit card information.

You go back to bed to find in the morning that your credit card has been used by someone else. If this happens to you, call the front desk or better yet, come down in person. To avoid these types of travel scams, never give out your credit card information on a call that was not initiated by you.

5. Don't let them distract you

You have something for lunch from a vendor. Someone standing nearby offers food or drink. They only offer to help find out that they helped you out of your wallet.

6. Take a picture of me

Oh, how many times have you asked someone to take a picture of you? Keep an eye on your camera. They can easily disappear when they have your camera in hand. You may also have issues if they ask you to take their photo.

They give you their camera, you tell them it's not working, and they end up in a scene screaming “you broke their camera”. They will continue to get everyone's attention in the hope that you will give them money to fix the camera. These travel scams work because most people will pay to stop them from paying attention to you.

7. Watch your luggage

Have you ever thrown your luggage on the roof of a train (in Asia)? Be careful when walking through dark tunnels. Thieves are waiting in these areas and just grab your bag and keep going to the next car while the car you're driving is dark. You don't get wiser and realize your bag has been stolen until you are ready to grab your bag. Try to secure the bag to the luggage rack when you take a train so that it is not easy to take.

8. Stop for a minute to explore the street artists

It's very funny, there is a big crowd. Sometimes these performances ask the audience to come out and form a larger circle. Then they all ask to move in. At this point, people meet. Now is the perfect time for your pockets to grab your belongings. Be careful when forming large groups to attend a performance.

9. The attraction is closed

In fact, this has happened to me before in Bangkok. We were on our way to visit an amusement park in the morning which had been well opened, but with very few people. A fake guide approached telling us that the park was closed and that we had to come back later. Offering us to take a private tour elsewhere and that they would bring us back later when it opens again.

10. Return of change

When you pay for something, make sure you know how much you are going to get back. If you seem in a rush, the vendors can count your change very slowly and drag things out. Their hope is that you think the transaction is complete, take your money and go, not realizing that they only calculated part of your change.

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