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Taxi transport service with contract

Taxi & shuttle service in Brussels by monthly subscription

A large number of passengers driven by Prestige DRIVER are under the contract taxi transport. These are trips that come back regularly, often weekly or even daily.

You can think of transport for people with reduced mobility going every week or every day to the doctor, clinic and others ... Also people who have subscribed to gym or swimming subscriptions for schools, employees who are brought to work each day. day, etc.

If you, as an individual, company, institution, school or other organization, are interested in this subscription service, you can always contact us via our contact form for more info.

Contractual transfer for all your shopping at low prices

taxi brussels

Prestige DRIVER, transports passengers every day for all of Belgium. All our transfer services are reliable and affordable from Brussels airport to all directions in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, etc.

You can book a regular taxi or shared van ride for limousine, business class, etc. Subscription rates are much more attractive than single or double round trips.

A detailed invoice each month for all the races registered with a reduction in the key. Taking our taxis and shuttles more often will also give you better trust and friendship with our experienced drivers.

We also offer guides for all tourist circuits by comparing all the best operators serving from airports.

You will find more info by browsing our prices online, or by writing to us via the online contact form.

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